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You Let Go First

Human touch is necessary and not many receive it, give it or accept it. So many emotions and state of being share a common gesture such as the hug: love, friendship, compassion, kindness, sympathy, strength, victory, despair, loss and so many more. And every touch conveys a message by way of the warmth of the contact, the quickness of the gesture, the weak embrace, the fortifying strength of the hug, the vibrance and energy, the enthusiasm, angst, anger or need. Hugging my children when they were tiny and breathing them in was the tenderest of hugs. Hugging my now young adults and no longer children is the sweetest of love and pride and strength. So I Hug them tight and smile so they feel my energy as I share the love I have to give in the strength of my embrace and I will let you let go first, because I don't ever want to let you go. And if I happen to be your friend and I hug you tight, take what I give you knowing that it's love. Receive it, accept it or reject it, but you let go first.

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