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Everyday when we wake up we get to live again.

How you live your day is up to you. But stop and breath and realize that you are living. Not once or twice but 365 days a year for about 80 years!

💫Create a daily adventure or waste another day. It is your choice, but don't go around saying that you live only once and go off and do something spontaneous only once. The irony of those who walk around looking and feeling dead is that they are still living life. Just not a happy one.

💫Every day you get to share your kindness, love, and time. Travel and venture out and have a daily laugh! 💫It is when you die, and no longer walk on this Earth in this particular body, that you have died once and for all. There are no take backs!

So LIVE!!!!

Live every single day well, be nice to kids, smile often and laugh loudly. Tell your friends and family you love them. Try new things often and get to living EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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