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Why settle for plan B?

Happiness is a complicated emotion that can come with side effects if we want too much or get too little or have so much of it that it creates an egoic character or a maniacal one.

So happiness is one of those things that by creating meaningful moments, meaningful work and what we set out to do is for the greater good, our happiness rises and the struggles in between are welcomed,

and expected,

and therefore making it valuable

rather than a burden.

So having said that, why settle for plan B?

Your current job may not be making you happy,

or drive you with an inner purpose to do better everyday and learn, but it is providing you with skills that only a 40 hour work week

can do. It's also providing you with an income that will allow you to work towards your goal of having your own business, changing your career, or simply changing your personal life style.

Whatever it is your seeking and desire to do with your life, there is no age limit or expiration date to pursue this. The risk you run is being afraid and you convince yourself that you can't do it and then you settle for plan B.

If you have a great desire to be a carpenter, then build.

If you have a great desire to write, then write.

If yo have a great desire to serve others, then serve others.

You just have to understand that in this process your happiness level may not always be at the level you desire, but remind yourself that it's only because you are busy putting in the work learning new and difficult things that will make you doubt your abilities, fear failure, create money worries and so many other range of emotions. But during this process you are putting in the work and everyday doing something towards your ultimate level of achievement and you will be giving yourself the opportunity to

grow and not settle on a plan B when all you have ever wanted was Plan A!