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Who do you blame?!!!

I will jump right in with, who do you blame?

Who do you blame when your work didn't get done?

Who do you blame when your laundry wasn't put in the dryer?

Who do you blame when you have piled on the work and didn't manage your time and it doesn't get done well?

Who do you blame when things are not going how you wanted them to go?

I think you know the answer to all of those questions and for each one of those, it is only one person; YOU!

So who do you blame if you didn't get the job even if you reviewed your notes, read about the employer but failed to prepare to learn to know your worth? Who do you blame when you didn't read the chapter, didn't take notes, didn't ask questions and failed to mentally show up to class?

Again, same answer as above; YOU!

It is so much easier to blame others than to step back and take a look at what part you played in all of this. This is your life; you have the leading role!

The investment of your time on any given task, and its outcome, is based on what you value.

What you value is part of your belief system which equals to how you think things should be; and when your belief system fails you and you have not learned that every failure or mishap is the true learning at its best --you blame others for the outcome you created and didn't want.

So I wonder, why do students, friends, loved ones and people in general continue to want to blame others when they already know they played a major role in creating the mediocre life they live, turned in an assignment or a work project they already knew was not their very best or made a mistake and won't own up to it?

It is time to examine who you really are and why, and figure out what and who you most want to become and decide once and for all that you can't blame anyone for the choices you are making.

Don't underestimate your talent and uniqueness and don't blame others for your failures. Own it, grow and commit to the process of learning to get what you want and don't wait around for anyone to know how to solve your problem, hand you the answer or want to help you.

Do the work, read because it will help you grow, write so that you find out who you are when you are thinking about what you are doing, learning, and failing at.

Own it, you can't blame anyone but yourself for taking the short cut, expecting someone else to solve your problem, wanting the easy way out and being dependent in a world that owes you nothing.