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What's Your Outlet?

OK...It's 2021 and we are 12 days in to a 365 day run!

So what will your outlet be to cleanse your mind, soul and build grit

to conquer this year?

Here are a few things I do so I don't find myself trapped in a rabbit hole of thoughts that can easily set my mood on a road I don't ever want to be again.

I start my day off sending a few text messages to friends and family that I know are already awake around 5 a.m. or I will be nice and wait till 7. lol.

Then I have this intense conversation with my cat Rupert about what he wants for breakfast. He is so easy to please...wet food or dry kibble or both. Of course I also have to hang out with my dogs and see how their morning is going.

Then I boil some water and make a cup of coffee or tea and prep it just the way I like it. I let it sit for a while so I can row on my rowing machine and lift a little weights to my favorite music that quickly changes my mood and releases my happy endorphins.

I then step outside into nature and breath in the morning air and if its not too cold I enjoy the outdoors barefoot. I drink my coffee and listen to earth make its noise. When I do this I just can't help but smile, breathe and know that it's all ok in my world.

This is my outlet to any anxiety which I caused by recently starting to watch the news, or listening to the calamities of the world. I am refusing to let it change my perspective on life. I know I still live in a great place with so many amazing people and talented young girls and boys who must grow, learn, dream and create their best life.

Let us find our outlet to be at peace with ourselves so that we can be the best parent, friend, co-worker, teacher and leader.

Our children are watching and imitating everything we do.

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