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What are you grateful for?

What are you grateful for today?

I started a gratitude journal two years ago. I found myself feeling lost in a world of social media, gossip, angry people, egotistical meetings, and plain unfriendly folks.

Since I knew I couldn't change anyone but me, I decided I had to come into the arena with more gratitude. I used it as my armor for life.

I began with sitting quietly in the morning or at night and identifying all the good things of the day.

My first entry was my gratitude for my neighbor cutting my grass when I was not physically well to do it.

I made this a daily habit and began to write just a few and then I found my self writing over twenty entries in my journal of things I was so grateful for.

Along the way allowed myself to be too busy sometimes to not write in my journal and I realized a week later or at one point a month later that I wasn't feeling myself.

I couldn't figure it out and couldn't understand my unrest and frustration. One morning it dawned on me whenI stood at my kitchen sink washing my dishes and looking out my window and I saw a sweet humming bird, and then another, dancing through my tree from flower to flower.

I was mesmerized and so happy to see how beautiful it looked. And I recalled whispering under my breath how beautiful it all was and thanking mother earth.

And bamm!

I stopped and cried a bit knowing that I had stopped being grateful for every single thing in my life.

This is why I felt lost and flustered!

This is why I felt like I was just walking around and getting no where.

I am grateful to have recognized how significant practicing gratitude has magnified my self-awareness. I am grateful that small moments such as a small butterfly crossing my path is significant to me. I am grateful for how random moments of small talk and humor is important in my life. I am grateful for waking up every morning and getting to do life all over again.

I hope you find many things on a daily bases to be grateful about.

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