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We'll Always Have Paris

In the movie Casablanca, this famous line is said right before the end of the film in which Humphrey Bogard tells Ingrid Bergman to get on the plane and leave for her own safety but she wants to stay and he reminds her, "we will always have Paris."

This is bit bittersweet because the world has changed dramatically in the last two months for every living creature in the world. The way we live and interact has changed but hopefully has also brought families closer and true friendships and lovers validated as well. I guess this is why that line from Casablanca came to mind..." we will always have Paris" because we can always look back at how things once were and recall all the good in it.

Although things change, people move on, a crisis occurs and is overcome, choices are made that redirect our hope in humanity, relationships, and family. There is good that comes from what at that moment didn't feel so good.

So how do we move on and recreate a new personal way of life that simply feels better, is fulfilling and much more real than before, and stay true to our needs, and let go of past beliefs, habits, and behaviors?

I will answer this for me and you decide what is it you must do for you.

It must begin by taking account of myself, what is true and real for the betterment of my sentiments, personal truths, and needs. Most importantly being aware of the old beliefs that never served me but I have hung onto because this is what society and the old world beliefs that have been indoctrinated into me say I should be doing. Taking what is mine from the world because I have dreamt it, created it, and worked for it to serve not only myself but the people around me.

These last two months and how love has grown from staying home with people we care and love and allowing and giving love to others as well have drastically changed my mindset and how I want to recreate me and live life drastically differently and view my world with more love and kindness and empathy.

So lastly, I know to do this I will have to let go of the personal lie of, "I can't have what I deserve" because it's reserved only for a few.

I won't settle!

I have learned from all crap experiences and fabulous ones in my life, that I am ready now and even when I haven't been, that there are no more excuses to go around for being mediocre in life and settling for what doesn't make my life one hell of a legendary one.

So I "will always have Paris" but I will be taking more because my life depends on it!

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