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 True Friendships 

My dogs favorite toy. I wash her toys weekly and She sits by the washer watching her friends go round and round sometimes. She doesn't like to wait so long for them to wash and dry because she just loves them so much. So I do a quick wash and quick dry and my dog, Baby Girl, gets excited when she gets them all back❤️!

But this little monkey in particular is her favorite. She is gentler with him and doesn't toss it about or jump on its belly to hear it squeak. She just holds it and lays it next to her for naps and at times leaves it behind outside with the rest of the toys but never close to the others.❤️

I always find that sweet and I thought of my own friendships like that. There is always your special friend that you want to love a bit more than the others because you just can't help it. They are magic for you. And you sit and wait till they get out of the "washer and dryer" because you just can't wait to talk, laugh, eat, play, and make up if there was a disagreement because that's the friend that your willing to climb over the fence in your yoga pants for to play with.

❤️ At least that's my version of beautiful loving and understanding friendships. And their win is your win. Their pain is your pain. And every time spent together brings happiness.

If this isn't the case and there is jealousy or anger and discomfort then move on and be ok with it. It is more painful to be stagnant and not grow and learn from each other and stay and hurt than to leave and heal.❤️

💝PS: I don't need Valentines day or any holiday to gift a gift, say I love you, or do any of that. I want to say it and feel it every day. And if I get emotional about it🤣well deal with it or get a better friend if this isn't what friendships are supposed to be like for you. I don't play by specific rules or know what the protocol is and I don't care to know. I love you exactly as you are and I love me exactly as I am, yoga pants and all❤️🤣😇. Have an amazing life and Baby Girl says I love you too and she wouldn't trade her monkey for anything in the world!

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