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There Is Nothing You Can't Do

Mom and Gingerbread
My beautiful mother Ramona.

Looking back and reading my journal entries and hearing my own words and seeing my own hand writing I have

re-discovered moments in time that hold true and fast to where I have been and where I am headed. I am compelled to share a few lines from my journaling.

A few things that popped up served as great reminders to "keep reading, learning, writing and listening to speakers who have traveled this life journey and have lived well and never stopped creating new life experiences for themselves. Don't wait for anyone to do that for you."

Something else that made me pause was to "remember we were born to die and the life in between is what really matters. Stop agonizing...KEEP GOING!" I also wrote a letter to myself on Jan. 13, 2019 and put it in an envelope to open. The note I wrote to myself before opening the envelope reads, "When you need me I am here. Open the letter and remind yourself, I am always here within you. I am never far away from you. Be still and be in the present moment." and the letter too was a reminder to "be kind to myself" and live. I have needed to open the letter sparingly because I have come full circles with many things in life.

Life is a trail of events that through experiences teaches you to be ok looking back, reviewing the lesson learned and then letting it go. I can see in my written words the work it has taken to no longer be who I was a few years ago, even yesterday for that matter. In my short 49 years on earth I am aware that "the material ONLY has the value we assign to it and if we lose it we also lose the image of ourselves we placed on it as a part of us." Don't give the material so much power. Give power to your personal growth.

As I turned the pages of my journal, with pages yet to fill, I came across my mothers advise for me that day, " Todo puedes hacer nomas poniendole el querer. Dios te pone en el camino." (You can do anything so long as the want is there. God will put you on your path.) My mothers words still holds true to my heart because I gave them power and truth in my actions. There is nothing you can't do and fear is only there to make you pause for a bit, be self-aware and then leap!

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