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The System To Life...hhmm

I have read and heard that every system has some sort of process it must experience before things work out. This process doesn't always go as fast as the person wants it too and when it does there may be disappointment.

So I thought about it and saw the scaffold my life is and continues to be regardless of the age. Or life as a video game in which you simply MUST level up in order to get the "loot" or that job, that raise or promotion or the life you want the most. Uuuggg, but along the way all this has to be figured out bit by bit and at a rate you are willing to commit to if it has any real value to you. If it doesn't have real value then you won't be willing to sacrifice much for what you want out of life and so the cycle of repetitive disappointment begins.

So I figured life is a system of collecting every single experience, whether it is consciously or unconsciously, and saving it and deciding how to use it daily and whether it is still a good idea or behavior or thought etc.... and keeping it or throwing it out. Then life is about getting your act together by organizing your emotional health, your daily activities, the people you need and don't need in your life, your educational knowledge/ needs and your money and overall lifestyle. And take all that you have collected from life and use it, practice actually living to make it better and figure out what habits you have that have got to go (or people, because we seem to collect those too even when they are not good for you) and do it often so that you know yourself better!

When all is said and done, sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or your drink of choice a beer or Long Island Tea is works fine to) and evaluate and re-evaluate and reflect upon your life. Are you leading a good life? Is this what your 10 year old self would be thrilled that you finally did? Do you feel proud to be who you are right now? Will you have honored who you have always meant to be? Are you content and satisfied with what you have accomplished? Does it matter?

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