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Taken Into Account

Life is a series of choices and created based on the decision made. Therefore, you are responsible for your outcome.

Be the type of person that lays the foundation based on what you have discovered to be true, correct and valid for your needs. Start, build, follow through and rake in your personal success.

Now, if you ask for the opinion of others expect to be given advice and not an opinion. Be clear on what you really want and the opinion should ONLY be taken into account. You are not obligated to do as they say.

Careful to avoid advice from people not willing to take a risk, don't have the skills or knowldege that you do and don't genuinely have your best interest in mind.

Let your new job, education goals, business etc... be a product of your own thought process, discovery and values. Do what is right for you. Always be a learner and later lead and not follow directionless leaders.

Your self-fulfillment and well lived life depends on your choices and decisions.

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