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Sucess + Discipline

I love to read and find little gems and then analyse it and rewrite it in my own words so it can be better applied. H. L. Hunt was one of the most richest (billionaire) men in the oil business once upon a time and he was self-made. And he shared his secret to success which boils down to what I wrote above. What I will add to further make this viable is the fact that success has nothing to do with LUCK! It really has to do with the habit of your behaviors. If work is done deliberately, with awareness of the strength of your work and consistency of your outcomes success isn't far behind. BUT If you want it quick and with little effort this isnt going to go well. And you will always question why other people your age are more successful than you. Look at your bank account and your living surroundings. This is the evidence of the effort you have put into your personal success in life. It's not too late to create your most amazing life. What do you want?

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