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Stop Problem-Making

The mind is at it's most dangerous when it is ruminating about the past, worrying and reliving and adding to the drama of those past events. During this moment you are creating problems that were none-existent until you began to think, overthink, rethink and then mentally solidified those events as true.


Don't stray away from right here, right now. You run the risk of returning to that mental state of mind and will further create thoughts that will hurt you again as they did before.

You renew the hurt and further cause yourself angst and desperation for something to happen or someone to show up in your life. This may or may not ever happen.

Just be.

Enjoy a cup of coffee. Enjoy the space you are in right now.

Take a moment and look at what surrounds you.

Listen to what you are feeling deep within. That right there is your real now.

In my now, I am safe within me. I am filled with me and the self-love I have for myself. I am forgiveness and inner peace. I can't help but smile. My NOW is the emotions within me as well as my minds simple appreciation of everything around me without placing a value to it. I am in awe.

In this moment of sincere presence the feeling of safety, love, forgiveness and peace, there is no room for my mind to add to the drama my altar ego's voice in my head wants to hear. The voice that wants to justify the past and current behaviors, it really doesn't exist. I create it because I am not in my present moment, in the here and now. I am in a past that is no longer mine or your story anymore!

Don't make problems or re-imprison yourself with the past. I am and you are more than your past. I am more than what the future holds. Everything I need or want is within me here and now.

Stop problem making!

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