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So How Have You Been?

It's been over a year of emotional roller coasters, quarantine, life not as we knew it and an unexpected Texas freeze leaving many of us without light and water or enough food.

Vaccines, masks, social distancing, political faux pas and so many other things going on

but what I would like to know is,

How have you been?

Has this been a time for more self-reflection or over thinking?

Has this been a great opportunity to save money or panic over money?

Has this been a moment where you have come to many conclusions about your

health, emotional well being, family, your career, talents, friendships or a lack of?

How have you been?

We have all experienced the pandemic and the outcomes that have arisen from it in so many ways.

The world in general has created many more issues that affect humanity and

again questions our right to be a part of a community that could thrive without the divide.

It has become so telling that we have yet to learn more about acceptance, diversity, equality and creating for a greater good other than ourselves.

So, how have you been?

What have you contributed to your growth and the growth of others?

What have you decided that you need to work on to live your best life?

What has this time during a global issue caused you to reflect and learn about your personal road blocks? Most importantly, what are you willing to do to change that?

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