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Own Your Happiness.

Happiness is independent of others. It is not codependent or dependent.

Happiness is yours anytime you need it and available anywhere you find yourself at. It seems at times that it is not near but in reality it is right where you left it the last time.

We all make the choice of exchanging our happiness for emotions for a given situation; some valid and some not.

Through your smile, laughter and good spirit and sense of self you share happiness with others at no emotional cost to your well being.

It is not your job to put others happiness before your own. Codependency raises resentment and that pulls you away from the happiness within and that is when your personal happiness comes at a price.

It is not the responsibilities of those who love you to make you happy and for you to depend on them to flip a switch and be your court jester. You will become a burden to the relationships when you expect others to meet your needs because your can not generate your own happiness.

Own your own happiness and share your overflow and keep the rest for you.

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