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Not Perfect

I'm not perfect and I will never be, but I love myself unconditionally. I'm a beauty queen in my own eyes with a brain filled with 200 billion neurons that electrically fire with excitement when pen is on paper. I make hundreds of trillion connections in my brain and that allows me to change and create better and better versions of myself. Don't take my imperfections as a reason to count me out or dismiss me so easily because you have no clue the magic that I hold inside.

If it seems I am childlike at times or indecisive that's just me looking at the world, the circumstances and the possibilities in a way you can't imagine.

It's so easy to dismiss people who don't always fit the norm or unfriend them because they don't want to people please anyone. Just recognize that this type of person has a lot to give, teach, create and love. Not everyone can sincerely do all of that in one lifetime.

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