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Not Everyone Can Grow With you!

Now this can be interpreted in sooo many different ways. But when I wrote this

it meant this to me:

Relax, let it go. Breathe in good air and release the bad. We are all at different levels in our lives regardless of the age. Not everyone will or can understand you and shouldn't be held

accountable for it either. Others will be polite and sincerely not be interested because it is not their thing to do and yet they pretend to listen or care and nod when appropriate. And if this is the case, then sincerely, politely walk away and don't come back. This isn't someone who genuinely cared that much about you to begin with.

So, again, when I wrote this, I was in a state of mind in which I accepted full responsibility for simply being kind, listening, accepting and staying on track to my personal mission in life and be as happy as possible. People will misunderstand me or perceive me as something they want me to be and it will not be possible to satisfy anyone.

And, no, I will not miss what I never had. I am and will be happy with what I have now and if I never get it, do it, or live it, what is there to miss? If I have experienced it, felt it, knew its worth to me then, and only then, would I miss it. It's value will be great enough to work hard not to lose.

Unfortunately, for those who material goods and status are all that is of real value it will be difficult to find happiness. Appreciating what is of spiritual value comes with time, appreciation and stillness with yourself.

Stay in your lane and recognize what you are feeling; make yourself happy and write down and execute what your life will feel like when you get there.

Breathe in breathe out.

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