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Nope! Not Part of My Life Style.

Not anymore!

Our past may hold moments of emotional pain and anger or resentment.

I challenge you to no longer live there or ruminate about it.

When you mull it over or even give it the time of day, you go back to that experience, and you relive it. This will only cause you to re-hatch that same emotional experience and pain and you feed your soul that mess again.

Don't! Stop!

Not Your Story or Drama Anymore!

I no longer live in a world of anger. I have no need to be right and I have no need to have, create or invite conflict into my life.

There is always a solution and an understanding.

I have no desire or need to feel pain or

invite pain by allowing my mind to wander to the past.

When we do that we fill that self-sabotaging need to create that negative blob in our mind

whose been waiting for you to come back so they can seduce you

into once again believing you must have drama in your life.

The moment you become aware of any negative thinking,

STOP and change that thought!

Be self-aware of when you or someone else is trying to provoke drama.

That is not a part of mine or your NEW way of thinking and living!

Let's focus on creating an amazing life!

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