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None of us can ever relive our childhood.

Let's not rush kids to grow up so quickly. Every individual is unique and follows their own life growth span.

đŸ’« At third grade, they're not ready, and should not be made to think about college. Allow the child to learn how to navigate his third grade world first. Teach them to be ok with who they are and admire all of their accomplishments. Listen to them carefully and watch what they do and help them discover what they are good at.

It is difficult enough to be five and already know whether you are pretty or not, short or tall, different or the same as all the other kids. This awareness of who they think they are at five comes from what they hear about themselves from adults. Let's be careful what we say to a child.

Their kinder teacher will know which child has been loved enough to value themselves.

đŸ’« Teach them to be emotionally resilient for the world first. Teach them self-love, what the meaning of service and kindness to others is and not expect to be paid for being kind.

đŸ’« Allow them to play. A child will play and forget that things didn't go so well that day because they coped with it by playing and letting it go. Tomorrow they will get another opportunity to get it right or repeat the behavior.

None of us can ever relive our childhood. Let them be kids first. They will all grow up soon enough.

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