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Me Through You

Every interaction matters.

Every person we meet we learn something new about ourselves. Your inner locus makes you feel the real you. And when you are good with you and who you are, the world will reciprocate.

New people, old friends, acquaintances, kids, co-workers, people on the bus or train or at the mall, they all help you meet you at different levels of your life and state of mind. Your job is to pay attention and listen to what you need to be learning and changing.

If it doesn't feel good, well now you know what type of behavior, attitude, work, jokes, conversations or gossip that you don't want to interact or participate in ever. Stay away from cranky pants!!

If the interaction feels good, and you smile often, learn something new and every interaction is energetic, positive, friendly and uplifting, you just won the life lottery!!! Be that and surround yourself with that as often as possible.

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