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Love And Freedom!

I enjoy reading and learning and listening about things that

seem to always find its way into conversations regardless of age or gender. One of the intriguing things I have heard is the assumption that freedom is lost when you risk falling in love and commit.

So I did some research and in the end this is what I understood about the matter.

To love and freely give love is MY CHOICE. And when freely given the love is certain and without obligation. Meaning the other person is not obligated to give love back because this genuine love is given freely and can be accepted or rejected by the other.

This freely given love is given with complete self-love, self-dependence and self-awareness. Therefore, one is free to give, offer and help others as well as to receive in return when the individual giving the love has actualized and has conquered his or her individual self.

As an individual you are free to be exactly who you are, think as you think, and speak what you have to speak and know and accept that you are fully responsible and accountable for being your true self. You do as you will and you be the only version of you and not what others think or want you to be. This is free will and acceptance when the understanding is clear between the two.

When this self-understanding actualizes in the individuals mind and heart then you are free to commit and risk the possibilities of love, rejection, success, failure and change because you choose to give, receive and accept one another as individuals. Therefore, this love is gifted and the fear of losing ones freedom remains intact and you are free to your genuine self and accepted willingly. (Pretty interesting stuff.)


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