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Like A Dirty Little Sweater!

So here is my secret to letting things go. Throughout the day so many decisions are made and throw away comments dropped with little to no regard for the receiver. The person walks in, walks out, and there you are wounded by their words, comments, behavior, none verbals, or worse yet, their indifference. You are left reeling with anger, sadness, or in disbelief with your head befuddled and drained. Worst part is that you already know how the story will go when that person interacts with you. Yet there you are waiting to take the blow. What nonesense!!! Stop. Smile. Watch them approach you and visualize (or if you have a sweater on) taking them off like a dirty little sweater. Make a detailed show of removing one arm, then the other, and throwing it in the washer and adding an extra rince cycle to it. Don't allow others to manipulate you or cause you unsolicited grief because they walk around unaware of their patterns of behavior. Take them or situations off your back like a dirty little sweater that stinks and it's not yours to keep. No one ever has to put up with bad behavior, disregard, contempt, or insincere kindness. TAKE THAT DIRTY LITTLE SWEATER OFF!!

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