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"Just give it ago"

Starting a new venture is always a bit nerve wracking and old self-doubts and new ones always have a way of popping up in ones head. As if by magic sometimes they pop up and not at the best of times.

Deciding to go in to business can make you a bit nervous and for me, when things seem to all be falling into place quite nicely, it is like this weird kind of fear that something will now go wrong, and it hasn't. When moments like this arise it's always nice to have your best mate willing to offer great wisdom. I am always grateful for that.

I was recently talking to my best mate and was commenting about needing to stay focused and in my lane but was getting a bit nervous that everything I was setting out to do for my business was falling into place quite nicely. And this is what he said,

"Well one of us might be surprised by that, but it's not me. I always knew you would be a huge success. Dream it, develop it, live it."

I then shared that I was also feeling a bit isolated at times and had an odd sense of loss of old friends, old ways of thinking and venturing out and hearing folks warning me of the instability of the venture, my retirement, my current job stability etc... Their fears dumped on me also making me feel an odd loss of the secure. And again the wise words from my mate,

"Ah the fear of other people's success, it is a common trait in people designed to stop them from being left behind. Unfortunately people don't always like to see others become successful. It highlights their short comings or exposes their jealousy when someone is willing to try and they decided to sit on their hands.

So they try to cut people off at the knees, try to stop people having ago while coming across as caring for that person.

What you will find as you grow is your true friends will cherish your success, celebrate your wins and be there if you hit a speed hump.

If you have done your ground work, if you have built your business model, if you have tested your model and you believe in yourself you can only fail by not having ago.

New friends will appear, some may even be old friends that come back.

One last thing on you...'Only you can tell you that it is the right thing to do, everyone else, including me, can only be a sounding board or a landing pad the spring board has to be you' I am happy to be the sounding board or landing pad and will rejoice in your success."

And before my best mate shared these words of wisdom he had stated,

"When you become a millionaire I just want one thing... Don't forget me."


There is always someone on our side when we are venturing into unknown territories and someone who doesn't doubt for a minute how much you are capable of and cheer you on from the sidelines all the way.

So go give it ago and do what you have always been dreaming of doing.