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It's not for everyone!

cat sitting in red chair.
But it is for me!

When we have a dream or an idea

don't worry about EVERYONE.

If you dream of writing a book, opening up a shop,

traveling with friends... keep in mind

that it's not for everyone.

Your target audience will be the ones who

agree with what you are writing about, the product you are selling

and the places you are going to. So don't worry if the

whole world isn't on board, besides, do you know everyone in the world?

Of course not!!! So who cares if NOT EVERYONE read your book or shopped at your store.

The point is that no matter how many agree or disagree with your ideas or envision the dream like you, do it because you HAVE to do it. It's your purpose.

I always say that the people who show up to my parties were the ones who were supposed to be here and the rest simply missed out!

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