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It's All Within You!

It's all within you! Every answer you need, Every reason why, The self-motivation to change, The inspiration to live your true life, The strength and warrior-like mentality to play the infinite game and get what you want from this world. It is all within you. You just have to play.

The only reason you're not where you want to be or have what you want is because you aren't ready to receive all that is yours and so you play small.

When you are ready you will be one hell of a beast to reckon with. For now you will have to continue your inner battles, doubt, self sabotage, ruminations of the past and frustrations until you get fed up with you and do something about it.

When you do, I'll be here with the light on looking out for you and cheering you on! The battle to set yourself free will be worth the wins and failures, and there won't be any regrets for doing something that has great purpose for you!

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