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It's All How You Take It In Stride.

Life is one comedy show if you want to look at it that way or

life is a dark drama and in either role you choose to play there

will be moments that make you stop, think, choose and then feel.

Friday, I had a meeting and still hadn't had lunch and it was not 3 p.m., but

during the meeting I made appropriate comments at the right time and asked questions

and meanwhile my body is having a drum session in my stomach and my head decided

to join in with additional pounding. At this point I knew my body had had enough of me.

I thanked everyone and was readying myself to leave the meeting and couldn't for the life

of me find my keys in my big work bag. I looked and looked and my stomach growled and growled and my upper lip began to "glisten" because ladies do not sweat! My co-worker asked what was wrong and I shared and my stomach shared....and she was kind enough to share snacks with me like your friend in kinder would help their little friend when they were crying. As I searched and searched, I decided to just walk to my car and see if maybe I dropped them on the way or someone turned them in and was looking for a solution to this issue.

I got to my car and my keys were hanging from the ignition and I just laughed. I called my car insurance company told them what the situation was and they said they would have someone over to help in exactly 31 minutes. He then asked if there was anything else I needed help with. I laughed and said, well if he could bring a cheeseburger with him that would be great! Obviously that wasn't going to happen, so I thanked him and waited.

As I waited a student came over to chat with me and we talked for about 15 minutes and then he went on his way. I stood by my car on guard and looking out for my SOS guy. I played a video game on my phone and just hung out till the pop a lock hero came, and when he arrived in less than 3 minutes I had my car open. I laughed and joked with the guy, wished him a great life and off I went to go get lunch/dinner.

During that entire time frame I was very much aware that none of this really bothered me or that I had any moment of fear or anxiety over the situation. I knew the issue would be resolved and I felt secure that everything would be ok. I didn't have any doubt in my mind that someone would have helped me if I just asked for help. I also realized that I was not worried about the cost because I realized that I had built for myself a life in which I created my own personal stability and security and happiness at any given moment.

I choose not to live my life like a drama scene from a soap opera or dark saga because it really isn't. Stepping back all things can be viewed clearly for what it is and can be less traumatic to the senses and you move on. Don't live life worried too much about inconsequential events that really don't matter. Don't hold on to things that are not yours and if they are then time to clean your house.

Have an amazing life!

PS: share ice cream with your cat once he puts his whole face in it and take that in stride too. :)

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