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It's All Around You!

I simply loved the two Red-Bordered Pixie butterflies that came to visit me one lovely afternoon. With this quarantine and the looming news about the pandemic and the news about our government system, it can become almost suffocating when you are working from home and limit your outings.

What was my norm is almost non-existent and I have re-learned to go outside and enjoy everything that is around me and that I am a natural part of this earth. I contribute to the well being of everything around me.

So I created a different norm, I water my plants twice a day and each time I take time to check in with myself and practice changing my personal narrative.

As I water each single plant and become aware of every little lizard scattering about when the water hits the flowers or the butterflies wandering into my backyard and the birds talking in the tree, I remind myself to,

- Choose today and not someday to live my best life.

- Don't put myself on hold and keep moving forward with my life plans.

- Don't deny myself the simple pleasures of walking barefoot on the grass or a solo-drive to

the beach even if I don't get off my car.

- and say I love you now and not later.

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