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It's a Choice and a Feeling

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

If you stop to think for a bit you will come to the conclusion that

your life is based on a CHOICE and the FEELING

that comes along with the choice.

We get to choose what we will wear,

where we go,

what we do,

what to eat,

who we will interact with, and

who we love.

Soooooo many choices!

And every single one of those choices

has a feeling attached to it that you have created!

So when you feel great, optimistic, focused and all things good

you chose that and the feeling that comes with it.

When you feel terrible and nothing seems to be going right for you

and you seek to blame others or the world; sorry that was a choice you


Most things we don't get to have a choice in

Are the weather, when the sun sets and the moon rises,

Or how other people drive or the choices they make.

But we most definitely get to choose

to feel good everyday and to reinvent ourselves ALWAYS!

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