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Happy Ever After

No one should ever play small forever!

I was thinking how most things begin as a seedling and everyone already has

the notion that it will eventually grow to be a big and beautiful tree or

bed of flowers of so many colors. So the expectation is there and the potential is hidden within the small shell of the seed.

So why aren't some believing that of themselves?

We grow from infant to child to teen to young adult to adult and every stage has its physical, emotional and intellectual development. Every experience, encounter, book we read, failure and success we achieve is the potential and expectation of self-growth and freedom to be who we genuinely are and have been since grade school.

Somewhere along the way the seedling has been forgotten or lost and the potential riddled with insecurities and social weeds, such as what someone else thinks we might be good at, or self-comparison to someone else's life choices derailing others from theirs.

Whatever it may be, it will soon become old and tiresome. The feelings of being left behind or everyone else seeming to have had a better go of it than you, will creep up and hopefully resilience will kick in. You will have a good laugh at that none-sense and decide that, at your age, playing like a grade school child isn't that attractive!

So, decide now that you are going to write your own happy ever after now.

No need to wait for anyone to hand it to you. Just go become the CEO of you and get on with your bad-self and dance in the kitchen and laugh to the bank!

See you there!

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