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Give Yourself a break!

Here is what I was thinking about today because I wasn’t as productive as I could have been.

I had to remind myself to give myself a break because…

I don’t know what I don’t know. (but I can learn it)

I can’t do what I haven’t tried. (I’ll give it a go)

I can’t stop if I started. (just get it done)

Nobody knows that I don’t know. (No one else lives in my head but me.)

I can’t grow if I don’t fail. (Failure is needed experience.)

No one needs to know what you’re not willing to share. ( My thoughts are my own.)

I don’t have to explain myself if it goes against what I care or believe is good. (Do what’s

right for me.)

I don't always have to answer my phone. (spend time with me.)

Every urgent e-mail is the sender’s urgency not mine. (Don’t stress, the due date

is not the one they say it is.)

I don’t always have to be busy. (Take a break and rest up.)

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