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Finding Peace In Chaos

At this very moment, I am HERE! All is well.

The world around me is doing what it normally does.

It is the people within it that are not it's usual self.

Fear has temporarily taken over and rightfully so because we are currently fearing the UNKNOWN.

Eckhart Tolle (2003) wrote that we can not escape our NOW no matter what changes occur in the world or where we try to escape to because we will

always find ourselves in the CURRENT NOW.

So choose to be at peace knowing that time will go by and changes will occur,

you will have done your best to care for you and your family.

I console myself knowing that once upon a time our ancestors had no phone, no social media and relied on their natural instincts to survive, live well and care for one another. I choose to be at peace mentally, be kind and know that I have plenty and can do without eggs for a little while or forever if need be.

I just can not do without my peace of mind and understanding the sacredness of NOW and how nature can remind the world in its gentle ways or loud thunder, that we have neglected our way of living on this earth and can bring us to a chaotic halt! Therefore, we must choose how we will respond to situations without bringing unbalance to your personal world.

I wish you peace, safety, and love.


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