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Every Difficult Moment Counts

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

We can not disassociate ourselves from moments that are good or difficult and that may cause confusion, anxiety, anger, happiness, self-awareness; you can add to the list.

Every event in life is the opportunity to learn more about our resilience our areas of self-care and the need for change and purging/delete old habit patterns that need to go!

Every event and emotion is valid until it no longer serves your personal growth.

But accepting, acknowledging and walking through the difficult moments is key. Everything and everyone is a learning opportunity.

It's an open fire that we must walk through in order to find what you're made of.

Keep it together and no worrying about those that can't walk with you anymore. There is someone else who will pick up the baton and move forward and offer you further growth.

Stay connected and be ok dealing with the hard parts of life. Those become the best part of you when you take it, learn it and make it into something better and can smile and go!

There is no real time for hiding, denying or fearing what life is waitng to gift you. 💝

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