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Don't Label Me. You'll Never Get It Right!

Some days, I’m the mom and other days I am the daughter and other days

I am a little bit goofy, a whole lot of silly, and a mad genius trying to figure things out.

I can drive myself crazy, piss myself off, over eat because it’s just so good

and turn around and power lift and cycle 10 miles because I can. One year I will write a book, the next moment I want to be a couch potato or read trashy novels and later debate politics and bake a cake and write a thesis paper for fun and paint my rendition of a Picasso, landscape my whole garden and meditate and align myself with the Universe and retire as a stand up comic!

No one should ever be expected to be who they are not, but everyone should expect from themselves to genuinely feel what they feel and be who they are unapologetically.

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