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Don't be Your Own Victim

Be sincere and honest with you and call yourself out on your own mess.

Why do you do what you do if it doesn't serve you? Why do you say what you say if it hurts you? Why does who you choose to be surrounded by keep you at the bottom feeder?


Journal write your biggest ambition clearly and descriptively and how you want your most amazing life to feel and be like for you. Then sit and be still and dig real deep within and listen to your own personal lie you keep telling yourself as to why you're angry, offended, dislike how things are in your current career/job, friendships, love life, health etc...and decide to get up, wash your hands, and change this old version of who you really can't stand to be anymore.


Be prepared to create, meet, sustain and maintain a better you and to view the world in a different way. Go on now, the world is waiting to meet you!

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