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Dear Me

It is no surprise, being the type of person that I am, a little bit of funny, sassy, happy, crazy and frazzled, insecure and super clumsy and pretty smart if I do say so myself. But mostly I sincerely love and care fiercly for those closest to me.

Ooops off topic...

Knowing who I am, I keep several journals. One for gratitude, one for keeping real with myself, one for all the ideas that pop up in my head all day everyday, and one for drawing, one for work ideas and one for storytelling. (No grammar check police required for my journals thank you very much!)

I wanted to share my 2020 PS I Love You Note in my Gratitude journal for this year and hope that you will write yourself one too. If not, we can share mine because I sincerely wish you the same.

🦋 Dear Sandra

Happy New Year. Please don't ever forget to be grateful for all you have and all that is yet to be given to you. Care for yourself and others and much will be blessed upon you.

Make your life an infinite blessing by always being optimistic and bringing love and joy everywhere you go. You are blessed. When in doubt or fearful stop and be still and know that you are loved and that you walk in grace. God reminds you gently to ask and it shall be given. Your job is to be open to receive and to knock so you may enter.

I love you.

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