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Dare To Talk About It!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Dare to talk about it!

💫Your 40's are NOT a walk in the park.

You raise children, become single, then you have an

empty nest and everyone assumes that you're so lucky!

💫It's not luck to see life change. It is simply that; LIFE!

💫You will have fabulous moments and you will have

moments of loneliness and anger.

You will handle everything from finances, work, home repairs

and along the way others need you to be

even more stronger than you already are.

You need a shoulder to cry on but you

don't want to be a burden to anyone.

💫You look in the mirror and realize that your hair is graying

and your body is changing. Your youthful smiles escape you at times.

You have body aches you didn't use to have and

you grow an attitude that you don't give a flip

about what people think and lose the desire to

be around negative people.

💫You will be witness to family members who soon forget

that you are their daughter but think your just the sweetest girl.

Experience family members who die or have to deal with illnesses beyond your control!

💫Your 40's are confusing as hell emotionally and spiritually.

And if someone tells you otherwise, walk away and don't even try to convince them that what you feel is real and true. You know exactly what you feel and what losses you have had to endure.

💫Life is a process of change and it won't always be what you expected, but it is still all worth the ride. Take care of you and remind yourself often that it's your responsibility to make you happy and to come out of all of this stronger and better for the duration, because we aren't coming out of this alive. Be true to you and tell your truth always!

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