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Be your own kintsugi craftsmen

The Japanese kintsugi craftsmen repair broken pottery, dishes, cups etc. and bind it with gold and it remains a cherished piece. I decided that I would be my own emotional kintsugi craftswoman who would put herself back together stronger and brighter and not be made to feel not good enough. Not good enough for a promotion, not good enough as a mom, not attractive enough, not good enough like a thin super model...whatever one may think they are not enough of. What utter complete nonsense.

When I broke my favorite cup, that I use for my beloved coffee, I was genuinely sad at the loss of my cup. I saved it for a while because I couldn't part with it and then decided to research how to repair my cup. That is when I found the art of the Kintsugi craftsmen and was touched and also a bit ashamed.

I was touched because value is placed upon a dish that our lips touch, our children drink or eat from and ashamed because I would have quickly just thrown it out and replaced it with another one from the store and moved on.

I'm sure you know where I am headed with this!

So I fixed my beloved cup because it symbolized special moments sipping my coffee as I read, as I spoke to my adult son or daughter on the phone or at home, when I enjoy the rain or a morning sunrise. It is the cup I pick all of the time and it is lovely and worn but it is mine and it is good enough.

After having read the method of binding the broken pottery I took it to an emotional level and decided that my life and all of its scars, hurts, pains, disappointments, and failures would be repaired in gold and I would be stronger, better and able to move forward without shame, regret or need to look back because I am healed and I am very proud of who I have become and will become through self-growth. I will also always pick me to make me happy, to save me from myself and to love me more than anyone else can. I am lovely and worn but I am mine.

So sip your coffee, enjoy the day and be your own kintsugi craftsman because you are so much stronger than you know.

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