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Be a Storyteller

I don't know what my whole story is

But everyday I create and write something down.

I know how my story began and it didn't start with me in mind. It began with two strangers that later became my parents and then became family.

Through out that lifetime my story was written; what my name would be, what I would believe, what to wear, what to eat, who to play with.

Then I went to school and another set of people decided what I would learn, what to believe, what language to speak, what to wear, when to raise my hand, when I could go to the bathroom and what I would possibly be good at in life.

Then I made friends and they wanted to tell me who to play with, who to dislike, what to wear, what boy they thought was cute.

The stories can go on and on of all the people I encountered and how they attempted to influence my life and at times steal my thunder!

Then one day I laughed.

I had figured it out! They love me and they mean well BUT they are afraid to wear the silver shoes with blue pants and a red top and socks that have smiley faces. They are afraid to look different and be rejected.

I learned that people get lost in a society that wants conformity and security and an answer to the what if before they try.

I learned that when I write my own story, wear what I want, learn what is right for me, I am my most happiest.

Thank you for the help along the way but I will be writing the rest of my story from now on. I may need an editor but I don't require a writer of my own beliefs.

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