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As Lo Porque Tienes Que/Do It Because You Must

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I sat and was grading papers as I listened to Chavela Vargas singing the haunting songs titled, "Llorona" and "Cruz Del Olvido." As I listened, thoughtful reflections came to my mind and when I wrote my thoughts down, my first instinct was and always is, to write it in Spanish. Even though I get my accents wrong or my word usage a bit off, Spanish is my native language. But no worries, when I speak it, it is always sharp in my tongue and quick to respond and I don't ever have to worry about spelling it because I am easily understood.

Here is roughly translated in English what I wrote in the pic above:

To do it regardless of courage,

Searching for the truth even if it hurts,

Obtaining the very best of life and

Knowing that you are accepted for HOW you are and not for WHO you are is finding and actualizing your personal truth.

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