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Are you living or just pretending to be too busy?

Live a well lived life. Learn as much as you can from people, events, experiences and books.

Be courageous and travel alone or with friends. Get in your car and know your neighborhood. Fly across the country, to the next state, or if you live in Texas, the city furthest from you.

Plant a garden and see things grow, bloom and see butterfly's and birds visit your back yard.

Meet new people or grow old with friends and watch each other evolve and become better versions of themselves.

Just DO something other than be so busy with busy work that you didn't realize you were getting older and not living.

Write your book. Work your dream job. Travel more. Dance more. Kareoke even if you can't sing. Laugh more. Keep active. Meet new people. Stay optimistic.

Don't be dead before you're buried.

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