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Angel's Advocate

Every day there is a great lesson to be learned and today was one of those days.

Everyone has been in a situation in which you share an idea or your working on something and ask for the opinions of others or you want to try something new and are doubtful... Well, what I learned is that when we share with others most folks want to be your "devil's advocate" (this includes you too) and quickly identify why it won't work, why you shouldn't do it, or all together tell you its a really bad idea and you're an idiot. Well, hopefully, they won't call you that but...anyway... What I am getting at is that as the devil's advocate you will quickly lower your chances of actually succeeding because you have decided to focus on everything that would go wrong for you. The worst part is that you will be correct when it does go wrong and you won't even think twice to blame your mindset but rather on luck!

So as an optimist, even when obstacles pop up, you are calling in your angel advocate! You will look at all the good things that can and will happen! You can create a vision of how everything will go well and how things will work and who will be assisting you and how long it will take you and list all of the great outcomes that you foresee from having done it even when others didn't think it was possible!

Stop trying to always be your own devil's advocate and be your own angel advocate and focus on the possibilities and all the success that will come of it.

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