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And Then One Day It Was Over...

Everything has an expiration date and it doesn’t mean death of the humankind but an expiration, a going away, a part that leaves us, a shaving off of what is old to allow the different, the new, the fresh, the lightness of a newness coming through to replace what was and can no longer be.

The parts that are over have come and gone to live its purpose in your life journey and it has either made you stronger and smarter or you have allowed it to make you resentful and pessimistic.

But it has still served its purpose... It has caused you to CHANGE!

Whatever the situation, you woke up one day and it was over; the hurt, the pain, the sorrow, the anger, the indifference, and you just were.

You were aware

You were happy

You were lighter

You were ready

You were smiling

You were understanding, forgiving, and empathetic for what was

but resolved that it could no longer hold you from yourself.

The changes were deeply rooting and growing within you creating the power and energy to master who you were becoming and

who you became at a whole new level of you.

Welcome home and let's do this all over again!

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