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And So We Danced!

Dancing cleans the soul, mind, body and it brings people together. My favorite thing to do is dance in the kitchen with my daughter or if you're lucky to be hanging out while I'm cooking you get to dance with me too.

There is nothing better than to move your body to the rhythm of your favorite song and smile, laugh, move and have no care in the world but that very moment, at that moment, within the moment! This is how I cope with inner struggles, world struggles, and economic struggles.

Many cultures use dance to heal and commune without words. Dance is used to pray and practice gratitude to mother earth and life itself.

Dance without shame, fear or judgment.

The soul is most joyful and clear when you don't worry about being perfect, if you skip a beat, or missed a step. All that matters is the smile on your face, the touch of each other's hand and the sound of feet shuffling.

If you happen to find yourself alone in the kitchen and begin to feel a bit reminiscent or blue, STOP, turn up the music play a little bit of "Chicken Fried" "Snoop Dog" or "Lake Street Dive" and just dance!

And if you're in my neighborhood, come as you are and be ready to just dance.

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