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And So I Garden.

The best way I know how to experience maximum endorphins is digging in the earth and planting new life.

This quarantine has allowed me to deeply view within and clean my house!

For a moment there I felt myself going into a funk of all diverse emotions. I wasn't creating new experiences for myself and was going into thoughts of what was and most, definitely no longer is, and feeling trapped in my home. This has NEVER been an issue.

What happened? I watched the news!!!!!! I allowed the terrible things going on in the world to affect me in ways only an empath can relate to and was forgetting about

self - care.

I am not being naïve about the real issues in the world and the injustices occurring and thrown to the wayside...but I realized that I need to be my strongest self logically and emotionally to fight these battles for the greater good;

And so I garden.😇

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