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Adapting and Adopting

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

When I have heard people say they were going to change and do something different and be better or live differently, eat better, and work real hard, make more money and blah blah blah blah…I just smile and cheer them on.

I can say the same about all the things I want to change as well and do nothing about it after I've said it or not say anything and just do what I need to do and move forward.

The real issue I have witnessed is that there is a difference between adapting and adopting. Although, they both require one of the most difficult things that some people struggle to do in life, CHANGE, these two words are different and are being used as if they are one and the same!

To adapt is for you to create a change in order to fit-in, assimilate or acclimate to a given environment whether its the weather, a work environment, outdoor environment, personal situation in a home environment etc.... So the change is external, something else has to change in order for you to adapt to it and feel comfortable around it. Everywhere you go you will learn to adapt to new people, new work places, new city, new baby in the house etc...

Then you have adopt. This is when you internalize it, you make it your own and YOU are the one who must change. To adopt can be when you must change bad habits that don't serve you and learn new and better habits. It can also be that you adopt a new routine to become healthier so you have a complete life style change and learn to cook better, exercise and maintain a daily routine for the rest of your life. Adopt better time management skills into your daily life or adopt behaviors of higher integrity and decide to stop drinking or stop being offensive are also habits and behaviors that are internal changes that affect you the most. Adopt also means to literally adopt a child and they become a part of your whole life.

Whatever it may be, to adopt means you make it a part of your life for the rest of your life. Along the way you emotionally grow and learn more and more about your needs and wants and learn to create your best life on your terms and your rules, but all involve personal change.

Therefore you choose whether you want to adapt to something or you adopt a better way of living that is lifelong and fulfilling.

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