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Happiness is a choice. It has always been up to you to feel your very best. Regardless of a failed relationship, loss of a job, feeling left behind, opinions of others, it doesn’t matter! You are in charge of creating your own happiness and feeling amazing. Live with fierce compassion and joy.

 Change requires a change in thoughts. Turn off that garbage in your head and stop coming up with new excuses for not doing what needs to get done in order to get where you want to be in life. Choice is your superpower! Change will require that you become fully committed to you. Changing who you have been is not an easy task, but will be required if you no longer like the situation in which you currently find yourself in. Love yourself more than you have before and accept that everything is a process.  

 Knowledge of the self is found in stillness. Stop. Relax. Listen to your body. Be still. You know exactly what you have always wanted to do ever since you were ten. It is time to listen to what you have to say and be quiet with yourself and finally listen to what you have to say about your life at this moment. It is easy to lose sight of what we need in order to be happy and create the change that is needed when the world around you is filled with exterior noise.  

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Sandra Ledesma, PhD

It’s important for me that you know why I chose the name for my business before even beginning to share the rest of my story.

Growing up in the country surrounded by animals it was such a great adventure when a nest of eggs was found amidst the tall grass. Even sweeter when the chicks inside were “pipping” their way out. This is when I learned that if you didn’t pip a certain side of the egg you might not make it out alive. If the chick did make it out of the shell it was already weak, hungry and left behind. The good news though, under a watchful eye, almost every baby chick can thrive.

So, the name Pip comes from this event in nature and it is so similar to what an academically failing students go through, when divorce is the only way out, when your weight puts your life in danger, when you don’t think you are good enough, and you’re unhappy with your job. Regardless of the age or situation, when you have someone to coach you, inspire you, motivate, and help facilitate your journey out of that shell, you can’t help but learn to be the most successful person you know.

Having gone through most of those challenges myself and having been a public-school teacher and college professor, I realized that too many of our kids in school, in college and among us,  still struggle to be self-aware, struggle to find the success they desire and create their very best life and best self. This is why Pip consulting was born.

I sincerely think that when we are kids, we are the very best artist, singer, thinker, writer, super-hero, healthiest both mental and physical. We are fantastic dreamers, truth finder and our most honest with our needs and wants. Then we grow up and we are grounded inside the adult body, waiting for permission to have fun, laugh loudly, speak up and to wear our favorite red shoes with our yellow pants and polka dotted shirt!  

Pip Consulting is my opportunity to share all that I know, all that I have learned and will continue to discover to help you use your power of choice, create the real you and live your most authentic life and love yourself with fierce compassion.

                                                                            --Sandra Ledesma

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Thank you for your interest in Pip Consulting services. I sincerely enjoy helping others be self-aware, dream bigger and empower them by speaking about failing and fighting your way through to success one choice at a time!


Connecting & Enjoying the Process

Let's start the year, first day at work, event or meet and greet with something to think about and grow.
Life at home, work and with people in general is about connecting and understanding individuality.
Being clear  about what you want and need helps in the process of learning, implementing and committing to school, work and life.
Enjoy the process of self-growth, living and learning.



Creative & Empowering Methodologies

Consulting services for professional development opportunities are available for leadership growth by creating an empowered group of educators using instructional frameworks that
help students learn habits for emotional wellness,
and for an innovative front-line workforce that seeks solutions. Most importantly learning to create a productive work environment with continuous self-awareness and improvement; becoming a "kaizen" environment.
CPE hours for Texas Certified Teachers available.

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You Have Arrived! Time to Be Amazing.

The Women's Journey workshops are for you. Learning to love, forgive, be self-aware and self-responsible of your needs. Learning to be a better stronger version of yourself. These workshops help identify areas that you need and must improve in your interactions, choices and obstacles you create or allow to stop you from reaching your end goals. It's time to take a risk on you and know that you can create and re-create your very very best self now.

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Summer Camp "Be A Boss Girl
Jun 07, 2021, 9:00 AM – Jun 09, 2021, 11:00 AM
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Let's work together. Fill in the details and I look forward to speaking to you about how I can be of service and help make your professional development workshop or event a great success.

Thanks for submitting!

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